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Venus of Craiova

Craiova Venus
The Venus of Craiova, Romania

"Mica Venus din Sălcuţa " (Small Salcuta Venus)
Tors feminin.
Ani: 15 000-10 000 î.Hr.

(? This seems too old if the Venus is from the Salcuta culture, which is in the aeneolithic, at most 5 000 years BP - Don)

Ceramică de Sălcuţa.
Vela. Dolj. Oltenia. România
Muzeul Regional Craiova. Foto: Agrandi
Comunicare prezentată la al 6-lea Congres
Internaţional de Istorie. Oslo - 1929
"Des survuvances paleolithiques dans le milieu neolithique de la Dacie" de I. Andrieşescu

Photo and Text:

Salcuta Culture

Salcuta culture is from the late neolithic, and used ceramics. Copper metallurgy was well developed, and in Romania the culture was expressed in the area southeast of Banat, Oltenia, and west of Valachia.

Anthropomorphic statues, dominated by female representations, were made in bone or clay.

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