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Mount Grattai and Gins Mountain

Mt Grattai pan

Mount Grattai on the right, Gins Mountain on the left, taken from Honeycomb lookout.

Larger image of this panorama, 690 Kb

Photo: Don Hitchcock June 2009

Prickly Gecko
Prickly Gecko (Heteronotia binoei) on top of "Honeycomb Lookout". This lookout has no official name, but is known as Honeycomb Lookout by bushwalkers, and is the end of the ridge overlooking Grattai Springs.

Larger image of this gecko, 462 Kb

Photo: Don Hitchcock June 2009

flower honeycomb rock flower honeycomb rock flower honeycomb rock
This Leionema viridiflorum on Honeycomb Lookout is a superb specimen.

Photo: Don Hitchcock June 2009

Text and map below from:

Leionema viridiflorum Leionema viridiflorum (Paul G.Wilson) Paul G.Wilson

Synonyms: Phebalium viridiflorum Paul G.Wilson

Description: Shrub mostly c. 1 m high; stems ± terete, stellate-hairy.

Leaves ± erect, narrow-oblong to narrow-elliptic, 2–4 cm long, 4–8 mm wide, apex shortly 2-lobed, margins ± recurved or revolute when dry, upper surface gland-dotted and sparsely stellate-hairy to ± glabrescent, lower surface ± stellate-hairy.

Umbels terminal, nodding, 6–12-flowered; pedicels 4–8 mm long. Calyx hemispherical, lobes triangular, minutely stellate pubescent. Petals c. 10 mm long, keeled, yellowish green, gland-dotted, stellate-hairy on outside. Stamens about twice as long as petals.

Cocci erect, c. 6 mm long, wrinkled, prominently beaked.

Flowering: winter and early spring.

Distribution and occurrence: Grows mainly in heath on trachyte outcrops, chiefly in Warrumbungle N.P. and Kaputar N.P. NSW subdivisions: NT, NWS

Threatened species: ROTAP: 3RCa

Text by P.H. Weston & G.J. Harden
Taxon concept: Flora of NSW 2 (1991)

Gins Mountain
Gins Mountain from Honeycomb Lookout

Larger image of Gins Mountain, 400 Kb

Photo: Don Hitchcock 2009

Gins Mountain
Gins Mountain from further back along the ridge leading to Grattai Springs.

Photo: Don Hitchcock 2009

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