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The Venus of Parrano, Venere di Parrano

Parrano Venus
The Venus of Parrano, or Venere di Parrano shows a figure with some sort of woven or wrapped head dress, with slits to denote eyes, eyebrows, and mouth. No nose is shown. The neck is well defined, There are no breasts shown at all, the arms and hands are indicated by shallow carving on the green stone. The abdomen is shown with what appears to be a navel, there may be a foetus shown below the abdomen, although from the only photograph known this is pure conjecture, and the part of the sculpture below the abdomen has been deeply carved, but the features are hard to distinguish. The carving shows no sign of deterioration, there are no chips off it, nor is it highly polished. It could have been carved yesterday. The material is given as ophiolite, a group of rocks defined by their origin, but a term which is sometimes used to denote serpentine, which is what this material looks like. The venus is huge compared to most other venus figures, about 17 cm long if the hand is of average size.

(Text above is my description - Don)

The discovery of this statue is due to the curiosity of Cesare De Sanctis, (I am not sure if this is the same Cesare de Sanctis who was a classical composer, or if it may be a relative or someone completely unrelated - Don ) Doctor of Sciences in land surveying, an intellectual who lived in the 1800s (the common date given on other sites is 800, which I think is most likely a typographical error - Don ) and who had a hobby of collecting curiosities and relics. Almost a century passed before the Venus, kept inside a box, came to light, thanks to another De Sanctis, the lawyer Victor, jealous guardian of the findings of the expert and competent family, and Maria Cristina De Angelis, the Superintendent for Archaeological Heritage of Umbria, who immediately realised the extreme importance of the discovery.

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Photo: Avicenna07
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(Note: I have been unable to trace any other information about this venus. It may be genuine, it may be fake, but without provenance, and without knowledge of exactly how and where it was found, I would be very wary of accepting this venus as genuine until further information about it becomes available. I have grave doubts about the authenticity of this venus. It is too big, it has no breasts, it looks too new, no reputable scientist appears to have described it. It appears to be in private hands - Don )

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