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Tools and decorative objects of the Stone Age Index

Atlatls, Spear Throwers, and Woomeras - an atlatl or spear-thrower is a tool that uses leverage to achieve greater velocity in dart-throwing. It consists of a shaft with a cup or a spur at the end that supports and propels the butt of the dart. A traditional atlatl is a long-range weapon and can readily impart to a projectile speeds of over 150 km/h (93 mph).

Lascaux LampStone Lamps of the Palaeolithic - Lamp designs fall into three main categories: open-circuit lamps consist of largely unaltered slabs of rock. When the lamp is lit, melted fat runs off through natural crevices in the rock. Closed-circuit lamps have carved depressions to contain the runoff. Carved-handle, closed-circuit lamps also have bowls shaped fuel chambers but are more finely finished and have formed extensions for easier handling. Burn marks indicate that the wick was placed away from the handle. The Lamp of Lascaux - Le Brûloir de Lascaux is a superb example of a carved handle, closed circuit lamp.

Kimberley points Kimberley Points - superbly made tools from the north of Australia

axe Making Flint Tools

quartz Heat treatment of flint and other microcrystalline quartz

quartz Footwear

harpoon Everything you wanted to know about the Dordogne Harpoons and were afraid to ask.....

flute Musical Instruments

net Nets and Skis

numeracy Numeracy in the Stone Age

spear straightener Various other tools used in the Stone Age.

decorative objects Decorative objects used in the Stone Age.

shaman Bronze Age 'sky disc' deciphered

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